What is this…? Another blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my sister blog, After Hours at Lilybloombooks.

The point in making another blog was to showcase more MATURE themed books. Not just sex – get your mind out of the gutter.

I have found that a lot of traffic comes to my blog because of Young Adult. While there this nothing wrong with that, I do like to read and review more mature titles. This doesn’t mean Lilybloombooks will be SOLELY Young Adult, though.

Well basically, this is a test. Okay, maybe not a test per se. But, let’s just see how things go.

I wont be posting MUCH on this blog right now, other than building it up and playing around on the WordPress FREE platform. Which is weird FYI. And I haven’t decided if I will bring over some old reviews, just for kicks. But I might.

You can still find me @ Lilybloombooks and all my social media sites.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the NEW BLOG!

Be sure to follow if you’re interested!



Updated 6/21/14